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    Welcome to Haywards Heath College. This site will provide you with all the information you will need to prepare for joining the College in September. 

    What do you need to do before September? 

    1. Complete Advanced Mindset booklet. This will help you with the step-up from GCSEs to Advanced courses such as A Level, BTECS / CamTechs and T-Levels.

    2.  Attend Intro Day. All students are expected to attend our Intro Day on Wednesday 6th July. This will allow you to attend a taster session in each of your courses,  explore the college and find out about all the other opportunities to get involved. We will email out invitations to Intro Day on 21 June. 

    3. Complete Getting Ready For packs. You will be expected to complete a Getting Ready For assignment for each of your courses over the summer ready to hand in at your first lesson in September. We will publish the packs on Wednesday 6th July on this website. 

    4. Explore the other resources on this site. Check out the textbooks you will need, careers linked to your courses, and ways to broaden your horizons before the start of college. 

    We are really look forward to you joining us at Haywards Heath College!