Topic outline

  • Introducing A-levels at Chichester College

    Welcome to our 'Getting Ready for A-levels' resource packs.

    If you have applied but not yet been interviewed, please visit the 'Preparing for Interviews' section below, where you will find some useful information to help make your interview a success, along with some activities for you to complete and submit before your interview.

    Once you have had your interview, please come back to this page in Summer at which point you will be able to view the 'Getting Ready for A-levels' section. This will help you get to know more about your subject choices: there are Subject Introductions to help you find out more and get excited about the subjects you have chosen to study; some webinars to watch so you can meet your teachers for a Virtual Taster Session; and a Summer Project which will be your first piece of Flipped Learning to submit before your lessons start in September.

    We hope you find this an exciting start to your A-level studies at Chichester College, and really look forward to welcoming you here in September.